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Technology companies seeking to commission an animated property to advance their business often approach me. The reasons vary. Some want help generating sales, others need marketing tools or instructional films.
The truth is, that many don’t actually know what they want.
This is not a criticism. Many businesses are just not sufficiently educated as to the flexibility of animation as a communications tool and how it can be utilized. This is because many business have not looked hard enough as to how animation can make them money.
The days of PowerPoint presentations are gone. If you are trying to generate business, investment or collaboration using PowerPoint slides to convince people of your firm’s merits then you are seriously behind the 8-ball. This is not some anti-Microsoft rant by any means.
What we have discovered time and again how our clients have maximized the use of the animation properties we’ve created for them for multiple purposes.

For oil and gas companies in particular, this has resulted in reapplying sales and marketing tools for staff training. This is possible because our animated representations of our client’s processes are sufficiently accurate they can be used to educate clients and train the staff. Instantly there are considerable cost savings.
Animation is the most flexible communication tool for any business. We create web and print collaterals from the same assets as we make the 3D movies. The same can apply in reverse.
I find a lot of companies seek communication tools without a thorough understanding of the audience to whom they wish to speak. Sure enough, many companies know their customers and what turns them on. What to tell their customers is rarely the issue. How to tell them often is.
I have found that none of my clients ever speak to just one area of their market. There are always multiple stakeholders.
This aspect is our specialty. We dissect each client’s message and simplify it so that any audience, technical or otherwise can understand. Then we wrap this message into an entertainment package that makes their service-offering look amazing.
Are you still plugging away with slides and photos? Do you have communication tools that cater specifically to your different client stakeholders?
If you have answered “no” to either one of those questions, maybe we should talk.

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