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Iran, as one of the world energy centers, every year sees many large-scale projects being implemented in the field of energy especially oil, gas and petrochemical industry. The execution of such a large number of projects and also the constant emphasis of the government authorities on the necessities of correcting the consumption pattern made us establish Iran Animation Studio along with the general policies of the government and familiarizing people with complicated processes like exploration, development and exploitation of the country's energy resources.

This Group whose present activities considered one of the big honors of Iran Energy Club, not only greatly admired by senior managers and authorities of the Iranian oil industry due to making high quality and precisely engineered animations, but also has captured attention of many people to its special capabilities to produce any kind of industrial animations. In the meantime, the Group managed to execute several international projects and now many big oil and industrial companies are corresponding with this Group to produce their required animations.

Iran Animation Studio Core Values
Innovation:  We are committed to providing innovative high quality 3D animations and models that will accurately portray our client’s products or processes.
Long term relationships:  We work hard to foster our long term relationships with our clients and take pride in working one-on-one for all their needs.
Confidentiality:  Our clients can feel confident that we take the utmost care to protect their sensitive information.

Mohammad Sadegh Amini

The Founder & Projects Manager

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